Jacey Jetton

Christian Conservative

Small Business Owner

Army Veteran

Former County GOP Chairman

Proud Husband and Father

7th Generation Texan

My Texas roots run deep. Being a 7th generation Texan, I’ve come to know what hard working, Texas conservatism looks like. My father served as artilleryman, stationed in South Korea, in the U.S. Army, and I followed his footsteps. I enlisted in the Army National Guard and was attached to a mechanized infantry unit in the 36th infantry division.

Husband and Dad

In 2004, I met my wonderful wife, Fanny, while in Hawaii. After getting married, I introduced her to the great state of Texas, and we settled in Richmond to start a family. Fanny and I have two young boys, Jacob and Calob, who attend schools in Fort Bend ISD. We’re raising them to have faith in God, and respect for our country. It’s my family that motivated me to activism, working to make Texas better.

Conservative Roots

Almost a decade ago, I started working for conservatives like Pro-Life champion Glenn Hegar, our Texas Comptroller, and working on bills as a director in the 83rd Texas Legislature. Even back then we started seeing a shift in the political landscape. Republicans were facing issues with reaching and connecting with voters, so I left the Comptroller Agency to work for the Republican Party of Texas. My directive was to target and engage voters in order to grow our party where others have failed.

Fort Bend GOP Chairman

In 2017, I took over the reigns as Chairman of the Fort Bend Republican Party. As Chairman, my mission was to streamline the party, strengthen our financials, and re-organize our party to talk to all new conservatives moving to Fort Bend. By the end of 2018, the Fort Bend GOP was back in the green, having paid off its debts, and having raised more money than ever before. This allowed us to turnout an additional 36,000 new Republicans; more Republicans than any preceding midterm ever. Our efforts were even recognized nationally.

Texas Family Tradition

Entrepreneurialism isn’t something new for the Jetton family. My great-grandfather was the Texas “King of Barbeque,” Walter Jetton, who started Jetton’s Barbeque in Fort Worth, Texas and catered for United States’ presidents. My grandfather, Ray Jetton, started one of the first ecommerce websites at the start of the internet. My parents, Kyong and Chris Jetton, owned and operated a jewelry manufacturing and retail business in Arlington, Texas.

Following in their footsteps, I have been a part of building two businesses, Bedrock Association Management, LLC and Jetton & Gojara, LLC. I lead in the operations of both companies, and continue to serve Fort Bend while volunteering with various organizations that targets single moms, poverty, and veteran issues.

A Home in Fort Bend

Texas means a lot to me, as does our community in Fort Bend. We all work so hard, so our children can have a bright future. For the first time in history, the generations of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s will make up the majority vote in 2020. If we don’t talk to our neighbors, reach out and advocate our conservative values, we will lose House District 26 in 2020. It’s time to make a switch.

Will you join me?